Little Miss Daisy in the Big City (Coming Soon)

I got a new job.  Everything is kind of a blur right now, as I try to navigate wrapping up old projects at work, transferring day to day tasks to my colleagues and finding a place to live in the new city.  Luckily, I think we have a great place locked down (fingers crossed it stays that way), and it even has a fenced in backyard for The Daisy Jane.

Daisy Smile
Backyards?  For me? OKAY!

We won’t get to move into it for over a month though.  I hate living in hotels.  I hate leaving Grant and Daisy behind even more though.  I will be without my somewhat-on-demand-if-she-feels-like-it snuggles for a whole month.  Two weeks while she remains in the old apartment with Grant, and two weeks while she lives with my parents until we can move into the new place.

I mean, I’ll miss Grant, too, but he does not have a fluffy, kissable snout.  He is being a rockstar in all this, though, so I’ll give him that.  (I mean, I argue with him daily, but that’s mostly because of MY stress.  The fact that he hasn’t run me over with a car pretty much makes him a saint.)

Daisy with Wine
Everyone is drinking from the stress, as it turns out.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to handle the new job, (new responsibilities, new faces, apparently lots of travel!) but new always terrifies me and I’ll be entirely without the support system I’ve built over the last three years.  And then once my tribe FINALLY arrives? We have to figure out how to get our rural dog who barks at loud cars, paces at new noises, and does NOT like new places AT ALL to settle into a major US city.  With family members she has never seen before.  And she’s not really a fan of new people either.  And we’ll have to unpack, and figure out Grant’s schedule, and…

Oy gevalt.  Milwaukee, get ready.  The Daisy Dog (and her loyal retainers) are on their way!




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