So…I’ve been in Milwaukee, WI for almost a month.  I’ve been living in my Aunt Steph’s house in the downstairs apartment that she currently does not have rented out.  I am SO SO GRATEFUL.  I really hate living in hotels.  So much.  Which is a whole different dynamic, since by the end of this month, I will have spent approximately 2 full weeks traveling on business.

Expense reports.  I can file them now.

Ted Cruz and I were at the same Hampton in Eau Claire. True Travel Tale.

I’m in love with Milwaukee.  IN LOVE.  It’s such a cool town, with so much going on.  Restaurants, museums, Walgreen’s AND CVS?!  Basically, I can get Vietnamese food any day of the week, and to me, that’s crazy talk.  CRAZY TALK.

Lake Michigan. A minute and a half walk. Beautiful town, this is.

I’m also enjoying getting to spend time with family that I haven’t seen very often over the last 29 years of my life.  I get to drink a glass of wine with my aunt almost any night the fancy strikes, and I get to go see the other aunts and play with new babies and learn to meet my cousins on a new level.  Rather than the previous, throwing-the-barbies-down-the-laundry-chute-and-blaming-the-boys-to-escape-the-little-girls level.  (I’m really sorry about that, Rachael and Megan.  I really didn’t feel like playing Barbies for two weeks straight.  I was 13, for the love of Pete.)

I’ve also been walking the family dogs.  Nobody tell Daisy I’m cheating on her.

I’ve gotten to see Grant twice and Daisy once.  I get to see Grant again this weekend, on my way to seeing my grandmother.  I miss my fuzzy faced princess, though.  (That would be Daisy, of course, who my parents are graciously boarding until our new apartment is vacant.)  I can’t wait to have them both here with me and to share my experiences in this new place.  I’m already planning hiking trips, and Daisy will absolutely be taking a picture with the Bronze Fonz as soon as all this Wisconsin snow clears up!

It’s not like she misses me though. She has the one thing she’s always wanted–for one of her uncles to snuggle with her. It’s no wonder she loves Thor so much.

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