The Evil Eye

The day I finally “advertised” this blog, and the cuteness of the Daisy, she escaped the fence and went on an hour long adventure that could have ended in heartbreak.  I was in a restaurant, 2 hours from my parents’ place, when my mom called and told me she’d been out for more than half an hour and she couldn’t be found.

I was sobbing.  In front of strangers just trying to eat some sushi. It was, shall we say, a low point.  We cancelled our order, told our dinnermates that we would be leaving, and prepared to head out into the Friday night sleet to go look for our dog.  (My parents’ place is in the country, next to a state highway and a river, with feral dogs and coyotes running around.  This was my WORST FEAR.)

As we were putting our coats on, though, I got another call. Daisy was fine. She showed up in the driveway full of mud and smelling awful. (We’ve since come to the conclusion that she was probably in the next door neighbors’ horse field and manure pile.) She was given a hot shower, and went directly to bed, where she slept all night long. Probably dreaming dreams of adventures and horse crap. Brat.

“I’m disgusting!  This is the most fun I’ve ever had, Thor!”

We went back to our dinner, where I downed the cocktail I had ordered and a sake bomb in order to keep myself from shaking. I, too, then went directly to bed. My dreams, however, were mostly about losing my best pal to God-knows-what. My subconscious is as much of a brat as my dog, as it turns out.

This left me thinking about “The Evil Eye.” Oh, sure, we’re good Americans. We don’t TALK about the “malocchio.” But I learned growing up, that bragging about something or showing it off to the universe is a surefire way of having it taken away. I posted “Miss Daisy Driving” and Miss Daisy drove herself right into harm’s way. I was naturally convinced that the whole episode was my fault for days.

That having been said, I’m not going to stop writing, even under threat of bad luck. It’s too good a way to document the crazy lives we’re leading!  Instead, we moved up our move-in date with the landlord, and I’m going to have Daisy under my control. Where she belongs. (The Brat.)  So we move into our new house on Saturday, and I’ll have Grant and Daisy where they belong! With me. Where I can tell them what to do.

Sorry for the poor quality, but this is a photo I never thought I would see.  There was a time not too long ago when these two couldn’t even lay down in the same room.  Now look at them!  It makes me a little sad she’ll be leaving so soon.

**And if you’re ever in South Bend, go to Daihido. The sushi is excellent, and the staff took excellent care of us during our crisis. They even made sure our order was put back in on a rush, and comforted me while I cried in their lobby like a lunatic. Good people.**


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