Gotcha Day 2016

On 5/11/2013, I made a terrible mistake and brought home the worst dog in America.

Our first picture

On 5/11/2016, I screamed because there was a many-legged THING in our new sink, and I was not dealing with that.  The Worst Dog in America then proceeded to also freak out, barking, and jumping, and grabbing my sweater to pull me away from whatever it was that was clearly going to murder me.

House Centifpede
House Centipede.  The internet says they’re our friends.  I say, KILL IT WITH FIRE NOW.

Grant got out of bed and washed it down the kitchen sink while giving me a LOOK.  I then proceeded to dump apple cider vinegar in large quantities down the sink to drown it fully in acidic awfulness and then I stuffed the sink with old ice so that IF IT MADE IT BACK, it would be more frozen than Captain America.

I then went about my morning getting ready for work, with Daisy following my every move. I checked all of my super fun social media apps, until I realized what day it was.  IT’S GOTCHA DAY!  It’s the day we pretend we’re SO LUCKY TO HAVE our awful, reactive dog!  And we give her a junior bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s!

“Mama puts the cheeseburger in my Kong and I is VERY VERY QUIET for the rest of the night so no one notices my treat.”

I kid.  Not about the cheeseburger part.  We are lucky to have her, most days. And it’s been so nice having her in Milwaukee with us.  We live across from a park where everybody walks their dogs, so it’s Sniff City, and she’s quite enamored of the lake.  She also loves her new backyard, though she is currently kept on a long line due to the bunnies living in our raised garden bed.  (We are both annoyed by this, though for me it’s more because I was actually going to garden back there.  And now I can’t dig up anything.  Because BUNNIES.)

“Why didn’t we get one of these sooner, Mama?  Also, I’m ignoring you because you won’t give me some of your sandwich.”


However, she keeps dragging her beds all over the house, and has a penchant for sleeping in the spare bedroom, curled up in the pillows.  It’s entirely possible she thinks its her room.  (So sorry to any guests we may have in future.  You may be required to share.)

“I made a nest for me, Daisy.”

We always try to do something to make the day special.  And with the fog and the overcast sky, I don’t know what it would be this year.  And yes, I know that she doesn’t know the difference.  I know it’s for me.  To commemorate the fact that I made a decision that I didn’t realize really would change my life and that I brought into it a creature who would now be a big part of my every decision.  I love and protect this kid.  And that, to me, is worth celebrating.

First walk in Milwaukee017
“I think I could swim this.”

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