If You Give a Dog a Cookie…

She’ll learn where the cookies live in the kitchen and sit by the drawer waiting for you to open it again and give her another one. She will do the same thing if you keep “spare” toys in your nightstand. She will also apparently do the same thing if you change up her food and she REALLY REALLY LIKES IT LIKE WHOA GUYS.

Daisy is not really a picky eater. Nor does she have a delicate stomach. (Thank God, because that dog has eaten her way through a couple trash cans.) She does, however, get bored easily. Our fault, really, as we have had her on Purina One Turkey and Venison for a couple years now. I always meant to change things up a little but I never got around to making a decision on a higher quality pet food. I get that a lot of people are very devoted to raw feeding, or a specific brand of pet food, but my philosophy is you do what you can with what you have. The Purina One was a reasonably healthy food that we could afford and she did really well on. There was no need to change. Except that she got bored.

“I am just a very cultured doggy with refined tastes, you see. Now read about Broadway to me, Mama.”

Mealtime became a chore. Daisy would get her medicine, if she felt like taking it. I would pour a cup of food into her bowl, she would sniff it twice, and then go, “Meh. I’ll get to that later.” We tried puzzle toys. They were fun for a while, but they had the same old kibble in them. It got to the point where unless we actually mixed something indog-rm-duck_27-pngto her bowl, she would wait hours to eat. It was annoying for everyone.

But then, on a whim we went to Mac’s Pet Depot Barkery on KK in Bayview. Great place. The owner knows exactly where everything she buys is sourced from, and made clear that if  she didn’t feel like her 10 year old black lab Mac could have it, it didn’t come into her store. (Mac is a handsome dude, for real, too.) After Daisy told Mac in no uncertain terms that she did NOT want to be friends (still really sorry about that) we grabbed a couple kinds of treats and paid. The owner gave us a free sample of Avoderm’s Trout and Pea recipe, part of their rotational feeding line. Maggie at Oh My Dog reviewed Avoderm a while back, and I was intrigued by it.

Daisy got to try the sample that night and HOOVERED her food down. I thought she was going to be sick she ate it so quickly. Naturally, for her Gotcha Day, I stopped in at Mac’s and bought another small bag, this time the Duck recipe, since it’s what was on the shelf. Guys, she now tries to convince me that it’s suppertime at 1 in the afternoon, and tries to follow me to where the bag of dog food lives so that she can grab any “lost” kibbles.

“Leave no kibble behind!”  (Also, those Kyjen maze bowls are great. Daisy will only eat out of the orange one though. The blue one was summarily rejected.)

As far as Daisy is concerned, it’s a win.

And for me, it’s great. I know she’s eating, and her coat (always like a snuggly cotton ball) seems to be getting even softer. And if the ultimate test of any food is when it comes out the other end, let’s just say that things are….moving along better than ever before.

I’m really psyched about this food, guys, if you couldn’t tell. The best part is that the whole line is designed so that your dog can move through recipes without digestive issues. (This is probably a feature for more “delicate” doggies.) So for dogs that get easily bored with their food, it’s a great way to keep changing it up.

“If I sit real pretty, will you put more kibbles in my wobbler?  Pleeeeeaaaase?”

And if you need any more entertainment today, here’s Daisy with her first pig ear. The owner at Mac’s sent it home with us last week when she heard it was Daisy’s gotcha day. You can see the high levels of excitement.

*Avoderm had no idea I was going to review their food. I’m not getting compensated for this. I just like it a lot so far and wanted to tell everyone about it. Link to Avoderm’s Revolving Menu Duck Recipe is here.



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