More Pictures Than Words, Really

Sometimes family is a word that just triggers every stress response we have.  Especially when you’re from a big family.  They’re in your business.  They just “drop by”, at random. (Not really a problem, just a thing that happens.) And it’s loud.  Dear God, it’s loud.

But more often than not, it’s great.  This past weekend, my parents came to visit for my cousin’s graduation.  We did some mundane things, sure.  Dad fixed our dryer and I had to go buy new tires for the Prius. (Never own anything. That’s my new motto. The upkeep will kill you.) But as always, when family gets together, there were fun things too.

Like trips to get the most delicious butter pecan frozen custard.

Dad and I have been digging the same ice cream flavors for years.

And making babies laugh by holding them up high.

Please note, I did NOT throw this baby into a ceiling fan, the way that my Aunt Julie (pictured here) tried to murder me.

A quick timeout to take in the local beer garden.


And laying in the warm grass with your people.

“This is my ‘I love Grampa the best’ face.”

I can’t wait for summer to really get started.  I don’t think I’ll ever go indoors.


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