Forecast: 100% Chance of Beer (And Fun)

The last 72 hours have been a blast, even if they’ve been a little stressful.  Grant’s birthday is coming up on Wednesday, and since I won’t be home due to work travel (AGAIN), we decided to have some people up for the long holiday weekend.  Of course, like any other moment in our lives, our timing wasn’t really ON.

So first, I did a lot of cooking.  I made ice cream, cake, and taco meat (had to use up some ground beef) between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Ice Cream
Totally ate bourbon ice cream for breakfast.  Then put bourbon in my coffee.  Because.

Then I took Daisy for a LONG walk, before her new trainer came.  More on that in a bit.


So the new trainer.  Daisy has gotten considerably worse about letting new people into our home.  It used to be one or two bad experiences–now she is consistently reactive, lunging and barking at any strangers who dare to enter her domain.  After much searching and consulting with Laura to make sure we found the right guy, we hired Steve Terwilliger of Rogue Dog Training here in Milwaukee.

Our behavioral training treat arsenal–The usual sweet potatoes and coconut cookies, but also smelly cheeses and smoked salmon–super gross, but super effective rewards.

Grant had to miss the first session (Cubs tickets with his dad and brother) but I was pretty impressed with the way Steve handled Daisy.  He was so respectful of her space, refusing to bully her or take things faster than she was ready for, but also doing small things that reactive dogs tend to freak out about, like leaning over to tie his shoes, or putting on a backpack.  We’re supposed to start training “leave its” hard, having her run across the floor and making her stop in the middle and come back.  I’m excited to see what the next steps in the process are.

Of course, in true Daisy fashion, she decided to pick THAT day to do a good job and make a total liar out of me.  About halfway through the session, she stopped lunging at him and started pointedly ignoring him, and by the end, she was cautiously optimistic about her new acquaintance with all the beef livers.  Regardless, by the end, she was TIRED.  (She also ended up BLOATED by the end of the day from all the extra food and treats she received from our guests.)

Of course, with all this exhaustion, she could not be BOTHERED to care about all of our company.  Usually, she’ll pick one person to hate and we have to restrain her until she decides her greatest foe is suddenly a friend.  This weekend, she was handing out the kisses.  (Again, making a total liar out of me, as I had to explain to our friend Desmond that Daisy is a LEETLE bit racist and ageist.  Which is to say, she hates old people, and has never seen anyone who is not white.)  She insisted on sitting in laps and begging for chin scratches for 48 glorious hours, and honestly?  That was just fine with me.

So we did some fun things with our friends, showing them the place we live now in between bouts of beer pong and board games.  We went to Cafe Corazon for brunch, which was delicious.  We also went to the South Shore Beer Garden, where we had some Big Eddy’s Royal Nektar.

Grant is never in pictures–He’s always taking them.

Of course, we found out later that Big Eddy’s Royal Nektar is 9.4% ABV, which may explain why we climbed this tree.

I didn’t get off the first branch–I am TERRIFIED of heights, and standing on a four foot high branch was already too much for me.

It was fun having company to grill pizza and watch Game of Thrones with us.  But at the end of the weekend, I was relieved that it was just the three of us again!  As it turns out, we’re not exactly party people.

Somebody else was pretty relieved too.

Everybody Leaved Me
“Don’t worry, Daddy.  I still love you best.”

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